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Your Roadmap to
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Khawja Sameen Ather

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Ather Visa & Immigration Services

Stay updated with Canada's top-notch visa and immigration consultancy, ensuring accuracy and dependability

Welcome to Ather Visa and Immigration Services Inc. (AVIS), led by the esteemed Sameen Ather, a highly experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with a stellar reputation in various areas of Canadian Immigration Law.

About Sameen Ather:

Welcome to Ather Visa and Immigration Services Inc. (AVIS)! I’m Sameen Ather, the Founder and CEO. With a focus on Canadian immigration, I’m also a dedicated Lecturer of Canadian Immigration Law at the Academy of Learning Career College.


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We process work permits for our clients. We try our level best to process the best work permits for our client.

Business Visa

At Ather Visa & Immigration Services, we are experienced helping our clients obtain Business visa.

Student Visa

Canada's most popular stream! We have helped many international students migrate to Canada.

Express Entry

Canada's most popular stream! We have helped many international students migrate to Canada.

Tourist Visa

Canada's most popular stream! We have helped many international students migrate to Canada.


Canada's most popular stream! We have helped many international students migrate to Canada.

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While it is possible to apply for Canada PR independently, the process can be excessively intricate. Handling the application solo may pose several challenges:

1. Procedural Errors: Without professional guidance, there’s a risk of procedural mistakes leading to visa rejection. Lack of awareness about new immigration laws may result in applying based on outdated regulations, jeopardizing the chances of success.

2. Program Selection Complexity: Choosing the right visa program can be daunting without expert assistance. A self-applicant may find it challenging to identify the most suitable program tailored to their specific needs.

3. Application Rejection: In case of application refusal, navigating the next steps can be perplexing for individuals without professional insight, potentially hindering any future attempts.

To mitigate these challenges and ensure a favorable outcome, seeking the expertise of a professional consultant is highly recommended. A certified consultant, such as Khawja Sameen Ather from Ather Visa & Immigration Services, who is an authorized member of ICCRC, can provide invaluable assistance.

Why Choose Ather Visa & Immigration Services:

Expert Guidance: Khawja Sameen Ather, our certified consultant, offers comprehensive support, ensuring all immigration documents are meticulously verified and aligned with current regulations.

Tailored Advice: Benefit from precise guidance on navigating the application process and selecting the most appropriate immigration program to suit your individual circumstances.

ICCRC Authorization: Rest assured that you are receiving guidance from a reputable source, as Khawja Sameen Ather is an authorized member of ICCRC.

Explore Our Services and Schedule a Consultation:

Discover the range of services offered by Ather Visa & Immigration Services under the adept guidance of Khawja Sameen Ather. Take the first step towards a successful immigration journey by booking a consultation today.

To enhance your chances of success and mitigate the risk of application refusals, it is crucial to engage the services of an ICCRC authorized member. Our team includes highly qualified and authorized consultants who will guide you comprehensively throughout the entire process. Obtain top-notch consultations from our professional authorized consultants.

Explore our range of services and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation to kickstart your journey.

We take cases from every Country/Province.

The final decision of approving an application fully depends on the immigration officer. No consultant can provide you any “Guarantee” about your application approval.

AVIS will assist you legally with your Immigration Applications and will do our best legally to approve your Immigration Application. Please avoid Ghost Consultations as they are not certified members of ICCRC.

In case your Application gets refused, we will resubmit it one more time without any extra fee or charges. We will provide our best to approve your application.

We will surely assist you again with your Immigration Applications and try our best to approve your application.

Though, you will need to take an initial consultation service. So we can know the reasons behind your previous refusals and can be sure about if we can take your case or not.


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